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What The Laser Engraving Machine Can Do For Us?

What the Laser Engraving Machine Can Do for Us?

Metal engraving machine can be divided into two kinds, the rotary project as one of engraving sullutions, it has the good advantages of delivering deep and durable engraving without ruining the materials. Another more modern choice is laser engraving equipment, which can help you with a lot requirements towards workpieces’ details but not for much depth. Both of them can engrave on the material such as plastic and wood.

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Sample Show

Rotary engraving machine is often used to engrave metal text and simple images on small items. Rotary metal engraving machines has the strength on the deeper cutting than laser engraving machine. Laser engraving machine is also widely used in engraving metal stuff, the engraving image is more precise and fine than rotary engraving machine. Besides, one operator can control it easily through software program in computer. With the technology, the laser beam can cut metal into exact shape as the operator designed before. To meet the request for 3D image, laser engraving machine as 3D function and 3D software, that can engrave relief in different height and gap of project surface. However, in order to keep the precision of laser work, operator has to clean the machine regularly with professional solvents, besides, the ventilation function is necessary, adding it can guarantee the machine’s long life span.

Jewelry engraving    

Most jewelry engravers are actually the metal laser engravers, fiber laser engraving system shows high performance on engraving metal stuff. They are specially designed to handle the delicate work, cutting and engraving jewelry. Compared with traditional rotary engraving machine, laser engraving machine is more precise. If the 3D function is added, it not only can mark or engrave on flat surface, but some irregular surface, such as curve,cone,slope. The projects can be rings, watches, photo frames, keepsakes, keys, trophies, identification tags for tools,pets, and medical equipment, and coding, serial number plates, etc.

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