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What Is The Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

What is the Laser Cutting Engraving Machine


laser cutting engraving machine adopts a precise laser to cut or engrave lots of materials. For example, we can process new items through engraving personal messages or images onto other materials. This type of machinery may be used to set up or expand an existing customized engraving business. It may also be used by large manufacturing companies to create specialized machinery parts and templates.

Every laser cutting engraving machine has main parts including workingtable, a roller bearing assembly, laser tubes, and engraving software. The size of workingtable often determines the size of the projects undertaken, more expensive models featuring larger work spaces and pass through assemblies in which materials may be run at length through the machine. The roller bearing assembly works on a guiding bar which allows the machinery to move back and forth while creating the specified design. The laser tubes perform the actual cutting and engraving and are sized by wattage. The engraving software allows user update the design and connect them between computer and device.

Customers also can ask a wide variety of cutting engraving machine functions, that will greatly bring the practicability, the same time will increase the price of the model also. Adding the function of read dot guidance system can show the operator with a lit pointer where on the intended position the cutting and engraving will occur. 3D engraving function allows engrave on the material surface with varied heights and levels. Touchable screen makes operation convenient and doesn’t need set or change input information by controlling computer. Customer should tell cutting engraving machine manufacture about the specific functions he may need for his business, whether creating signs, machinery parts or customs stamps.

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The speed and thickness of the laser cutting engraving machine will be determined by laser tubes wattage. Higher wattage tube can work on the thicker materials and the work speed is faster. Generally, below 60W laser tuber is belong basic machine, mid-powered machine's laser tuber is 100W, 180W , high-powered machine's laser tuber is 250W, 350W . Some industrial sized machine are occasionally quipped with two lasers to provide work efficiency greatly.

The internal motor is the second determine factors towards machine cutting and engraving speed. During completing any specified design image, the motor is asked to start and stop multiple times instantly, it must be the high speed on acceleration and deceleration to obtain the high quality effects. That means the internal motor must withstand the stress and intensity with good performance, stepper and servo motors are two of common motors to work with the machine.

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