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What Is Laser Marking On Ceramic Cup

what is laser marking on ceramic cup

Different types of cups

There are many kinds of cups, such as plastic cups, stainless steel cups, ceramic cups, glass cups, etc., made of different materials. Each cup has its own characteristics, today we talk about the ceramic cup.

Choosing "ceramic cup", create a healthy life.

With the development of our living standards, monochrome ceramic cups can not meet people's demand anymore. At this moment, laser marking technology applies to ceramic cup and helps it with "vitality" and "artistic beauty." The operators just need design an ideal pattern and put into the professional software, the machine will be able to “draw” the design as ceramic painting, show you with elegant or classical or playful art world on the ceramic cup. 

laser marking on ceramic cup.png

laser marking ceramic cup.pnglaser engraving ceramic cup.png

Chinoiserie cup

Laser in the mug body makes a landscape painting

Concise and vogue ceramic cup

Laser paints colorful world on the ceramic cup body

Cartoon style ceramic cup

Adorable ceramic cup, touch your heart

DIY ceramic cup

Laser can help you with personal customization ideas

Ceramic laser engraving is controlled by CNC technology, operation with software and processing drawing methods. Once you finish your design and input the design into software, you can quickly and efficiently complete the complex pattern drawing. Laser engraving precision can be controlled within MM, high fine effects, no abrasion, and no harmful substances, to meet with our environmental requirements. 

Essential equipment for amazing ceramic cup

engraving ceramic cup with laser marker.png

Laser engraving to make the ceramic cup more colorful, as long as you want, the laser can help you achieve!

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