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What Is Laser Food's Technology

What is Laser Food's Technology

Due to the environmental concern, the sticker on the fruit or vegetable  is no doubt that the way to waste plastic, cost and co2 emissions. it can not meet our fast pace of development gradually.

In response to consumer demand for environmental protection, the laser marking can put into processing as sticker labels of foods.  It takes the techonology to use a strong light to remove pigment from the skin of organic foods, it's invisible once you remove the organic food skin and no need worry about side effect by laser. It's safe. This "sticker" is natural barand, it just need less than 1% co2 emission that plastic sticker makes also.  it dramaticly reduces the paper, ink, glue consume. One more thing, It is considered as one of the smart ways to give the product permanent marks and it won't fall off.

Laser Food’s technology has been around for several years but has previously been used for marketing or branding, without being explicitly linked to sustainability. 

“Up to now, no one has used this technique with the specific aim of cutting packaging. It was used for novelty – which is nice, but a gimmick at Easter or Christmas isn’t going to pay off,” says Michaël Wilde, sustainability and communications manager at Nature & More. “What we are saying is, by buying this product you’re saving plastic.”

The cost of a laser machine is considerable, but after that initial investment, Wilde says it is almost more cost-effective than stickers. “You have to invest in an extremely expensive machine, so it’s very much an investment for the future. This is something we believe more and more supermarkets will take on. It saves resources, CO2 and energy, so it does calculate.” 

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