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Structure Of Laser Marking Machine

Laser power devices

Optical fiber laser marking machine, laser power is to power fiber laser device, theinput voltage AC220V AC. Installed in the marker inside the control box.

Fiber lasers

Imported pulse fiber laser marking machine fiber laser output mode to use long life, is designed to mount within the marking machine casing.

Galvanometer scanning system

Galvanometer scanning system is composed of an optical scanner and control consists of two parts.

The entire system using new technologies, new materials, new processes, new working principle of design and manufacturing.

Optical scanner using moving-magnet to deflect work of servo motors. With a large scanning angle, peak torque, inertia, small electrical time constant, speed, stability and reliability. Precision bearing elimination gap institutions provides has super end of axis to and radial beat errors; "electronic torque rod" replaced traditional elastic material torque rod, greatly improve has using life and long-term work of reliability; any location 0 power keep work principle both reduced has using power, and reduced has devices of fever effect, save has thermostat device; advanced of high stability precision location detection sensing technology provides high linear degrees, and high resolution, and high repeat sex, and low drift of performance.

Optical scanners are divided into x and y scan scan system system, fixed with laserreflectors on each servo motor shaft. Each servo motors are controlled by the computer digital signal trace.

Focusing system

Focus systems are used to focus the laser beam parallel to the point. Using f-Theta lens, f-Theta lenses of different focal lengths are different, marking effect and scope is not the same, optical fiber laser marking machine imported high-performance focus system, the standard lens f=160mm, 110mm effective scanning range. Users can demand, type of lens.

Can be equipped with the f-Theta lens are:

F=100mm, 65mm effective focus range.

F=160mm, 110mm effective focus range.

Computer control system

Computer controlled laser marker system is the command and control center, is also the carrier of the software installation. By acousto-optic modulation system, galvanometer scanning system coordinated control to complete the work piece marking.Computer control system of optical fiber laser marking machine including the chassis, motherboard, CPU, hard drive, memory stick, d/a card, floppy disk drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and so on.

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