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Research Progress Of Laser 3D Printing Technology For High Strength Aluminum Alloy

  3D printing technology is rapidly changing the traditional way of production and lifestyle. As a strategic emerging industry, 3D printing technology integrates digital technology, manufacturing technology, laser technology and new materials technology and other disciplines, known as the "third industrial revolution" is representative of the technology. Metal laser 3D printing technology as the entire 3D printing system in the most cutting-edge and most promising technology, advanced manufacturing technology is an important direction of development. (Selective Laser Melting, SLM) is mainly characterized by high precision machining, follow-up almost no mechanical processing, you can directly create a variety of complex precision metal parts, to achieve structural and functional integration, lightweight , In the aerospace, biomedical manufacturing and other fields have a wide range of application requirements.

    At present, the application of SLM technology has covered titanium alloy, superalloy, iron-based alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy and a small amount of low strength aluminum alloy material system. High-strength aluminum alloy, as a light industry in the field of industrial applications, in the field of SLM increasingly strong demand. However, compared with other materials that have been successfully applied to SLM, high-strength aluminum alloys have a high thermal conductivity and high reflectivity to the laser, and the degree of alloying is high and the crystallization range is wide, so that there is a strong Hot cracking tendencies, severely limited its engineering applications.

    In order to solve the problem of thermal cracking of existing high-strength aluminum alloy materials, the doctoral students of Wuhan Optoelectronics National Laboratory, such as Zhang Hu, Nie Xiaojia, with the guidance of Professor Zhu, they start from the perspective of traditional aluminum alloy design, and adding trace elements in SLM forming high strength aluminum alloy, a dense crack-free sample was obtained. In the successful suppression of hot cracking at the same time, SLM forming efficiency increased significantly; with the original coarse columnar crystal microstructure, trace elements modified by the order of 1mm scale equiaxed crystal; in fine grain strengthening and precipitation enhanced. While the combined effect, the ultimate tensile strength increased by 12%.

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