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Laser Marking Technology In The Wedding

Laser Marking Technology in the Wedding

It is going to meet the wedding season at the end of this year. Marriage is one of the most important phases of life since everyone will go through, of course, everyone wants a delicate wedding to celebrate this unforgettable moment. It is a meaningful happiness for new couple to feel into love and stay together for rest life. In order to create a romantic wedding, every detail needs special arrangement. We often send exquisite invitations before the wedding, on the wedding scene the bride will be in a beautiful wedding dress, wedding candy boxes on the wedding table, as well as rings exchanged by the couple, the above stuff can be be applied to laser technology.

laser cutting technology on wedding.png

  • Personalized and unique invitation

Nowadays, invitations have become new personality show as the carrier, simply printed out of the old invitations already out of date. Many of the exquisite invitations at the wedding ceremony are made by laser technology. Laser technology can be customized to match the wedding and create a personalized and unique wedding invitations, adding the laser element in invitations can make the quite wedding, so that a friend which the new couple invite can feel the new taste and intentions.

1.Paper invitation

Exquisite laser hollow design, the invitations can bring the great feeling of color contrast and spatial level, also the unique design will be blooming different colors on the weeding.

laser cutting card.pnglaser cutting invitation.png

hollowed invitation.pnglaser cutting invitation.png

2.Wooden invitation

Wooden invitations as the new style towards paper invitation which has maintained for many years, providing people a refreshing feeling with its unique colors and materials. With exquisite laser engraving and hollow elements to interpret retro and pastoral style.

wooden wedding invitation.pngwooden wedding invitation.png

3.Acrylic invitation card

Acrylic invitation card which combines the laser engraving technology charm and wedding culture show the advantages of transparent simplicity and flawless, just coincides with the style of contemporary wedding.


  • Unique candy box

Hollowed exquisite wedding candy boxes , as wedding candy, cake and other snacks package, introduce guests and feel the sweet atmosphere of the wedding.

laser cutting on candy box.pnglaser cutting on candy box.png

  • Awesome wedding dress

On the wedding wedding day, the bride will wear pure white awesome wedding dress and present the perfect side to her friends and family members and accepts everyone’s blessing. The laser hollowing out technology can customize beautiful wedding dress on the pattern.

laser engraving on wedding dress.pnglaser engraving on wedding dress.png

  • Unique jewelry design

Commitment of a new life will turn into a wedding token. Rings or necklaces as the ordinary gifts for each other towards the new pair couples, laser marking technology can makes it unique! To celebrate this unforgettable moment, marking memorable days or nicknames on exchanged rings and necklaces as a pretty nice fashion.

laser marking on jewelry.pnglaser marking on jewelry.png

  • Sincerely recommended laser hollow equipment

Exquisite laser elements on different carriers with hollow, carved, three-dimensional and transparent effects, introduce you an awesome way in recent year. Laser equipment has the great advantages on changing shape, fine cutting, sharp corners, processing without flash edge on invitation, greeting cards and other processing industries, It has been rapid promotion and popularization.

 CO2 non-metal laser machine.pngFiber metal laser machine.png

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