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Laser Machine Engraving On Shoes

Laser Machine Engraving on shoes

Shoes are the stuff we wear in our lifetime, just like clothes, necessities. If you do not wear shoes on the road, Passersby will think you are " ?? ". Shoes not only protect our feet, to ensure that we will not get hurt on the road sharps, but also as a kind of decoration, it has become a knowledge to show your taste. Our common style of shoes are: canvas shoes, sports shoes, sandals, boots, high heels and so on.

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With the improvement of our living standards, the requirements of the shoes are also more and more diversified, therefore, we order shoes with our professionalization. In the past, the traditional shoe-making need to use large hydraulic machines and tools to cut the shoe as Pieces, it would consume a lot of mold, the factory usually only products one size shoes with large-size production. But with the laser cutting machine, it can cut materials for any size one after another. All the work is done digitally. No need for mold. With its strong flexibility and high speed, it will bring disruptive development to the shoe processing industry.

Laser technology applied in the industry of footwear processing


Laser beam processing energy is density, high speed in a local processing, almost no effect on non-irradiated parts. All kinds of patterns can be quickly carved and hollowed out on the surface of the upper materials. Since the laser processing is a non-contact processing method, it will not make any outward deformation to the upper. It has the advantages of carving with high precision, hollowing no edges, processing with any shape and so on.

laser process technique of upper surface

In the footwear industry, upper processing, laser technology is mainly used in upper cutting, upper tangential, upper openwork, upper engraving and more. The laser flexible and efficient technology is creating a colorful and trendy fashion "shoes world."

Vamp laser cutting is one of the most representative process applications in the footwear industry. The size and style of shoes are diversified. The laser cutting machine with camera positioning can realize different cutting and engraving in the same layout Identify on different upper and upper parts , greatly improving product processing efficiency.


Upper laser tangent also uses the laser cutting function, the lines make the graphic, to achieve concise, graceful design effect.

Upper laser hollow as a commonly way for upper trim, combining precision hollowing process and software drawing, helping designer achieve ideal blueprint to bring a new sensory experience.

Upper laser engraving can be thought as a kind of "tattoo", adopting laser to engrave the beautiful patterned and vivid image on material surface.

The essential assistant for footwear industry

CKLASER marking machine combines the function of carving, hollowing, drilling, cutting and other processes as a one, to meet our customer’s needs towards the pattern of leather upper engraving. Since laser process is non-contact processing, it will not produce any external deformation of the leather, with high precision engraving, hollow no edges, freely optional processing on any shape of items. 

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