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Laser Heat Treatment Process Technology Make Material Harder

With the development of processing industry, processing methods change a lot as well, laser heat teatment process technology takes advantage of high power of laser source to heat the surface of metal materials. Due to ultrafast speed of output high power density and without heat dissipation on material surface, the working area’s temperature can achieve austenitizing temperature through rapidly heating, the heat is gasified by general workpiece to obtain the quench hardening effect. Low power of laser source can get the marking effect by rapid oxidation and carburetion. the fiber laser marking machine base on this operating principle and is applied in the industry of the auto parts and molds surface processing work, to improve the surface strength, abradability, corrosion-resistance and thermostability, such as motor bore cylinder,crankcase,punching mold,casting shell, etc.


Laser processing is the innovation of traditional printing, excellent performance of laser machine is shaking more and more traditional industries ,and offering convenient and high efficient processing solution. Compared with traditional processing, laser heat treatment process technology can highly centralize power, and offer outstanding quality and precision effect, no size and shape limitation, zero pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

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