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How To Use The Laser Marking?

How to Use the Laser Marking?

Laser marking is used as the modern way to marking or engraving tracking information on the item surface as the anti-counterfeiting work. Using the high-powered laser to mark item is better than traditional way which marking by tool. Laser marking has the good results no loss of material, create a color shift of the material, create a visible and vivid.

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Laser Marking Sample 

Laser marking has the advantage is environmental: without inks or solvents cost. Depends on the material affected and the laser power output to work on the item, the black charring will occur when laser energy is absorbed and heating up in short time, the foaming will occur when plastic surrounding temperature is raised dramatically and polymer degrading, the ablation will occur when after material is extreme hot, it’s degrades completely. Showing a effective result.

Besides, laser marking has another feature which can mark bar code and two-dimensional code on the surface of items to identify or certify. It can show no external damage on diamonds to inscribe code with low wavelengths well in the deep ultraviolet. In the recent years, laser marking also is widely used with wood, metal, and fiberglass. Adding bar code and other special tracking information, serials number. Many customers like applying marking logo image as one part of their products. This is the solution to help company develop its culture and deliver the impact to customers.

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