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UV Laser Engraver Manufactures 355 Nm

UV Laser Engraver Manufactures 355 Nm

CK-3DUV series of marking machine is the first UV laser marking machine with three Axis control technology,it can mark in rugged,circular,and other special-shaped surface,widely used in ultra-fine laser processing of high-end market.

Product Details

UV Laser Engraver Manufactures 355 Nm

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Equipment Description

UV Laser Engraver Manufactures 355 Nm adopts three Axis control technology, equiped with advanced imported UV laser source, 355nm uv focus spot diameter is small, it allows to mark in rugged , circular, and other special-shaped surface, widely used in ultra-fine laser processing of high-end market.

Product Parameter

Average Power2W
Beam Quality M2M2<1.2
Different Height/Z Axis Scope±20mm
Marking Range70mm*70mm/100mm*100mm/170mm*170mm/200mm*200mm(optional)
Marking Speed≤2500mm/s
Mini Line Width0.01mm
Repeat Accuracy0.001mm
Cooling SystemAir Cooling
Power Consumption1200W
EnvironmentAmbient Temperature 15℃-30℃/Humidity 20%-80%
Equipment Size650mm*1253mm*1810mm

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UV Laser Marking Machine suppliers.pngUV Laser Marking Machine suppliers.png

Main Feature

1.Auto focus function: This kind of machine with unique self-induced system can automatically identify the position of the workpiece surface, and quickly focus, which helps improve the processing efficiency. 

2.Marking in different surface:   By using the characteristics of 3D laser marking machine,this machine can realize molding  marking by one time, even though the work pieces have height gap. Besides,the machine can also keep the process consistent in the incline and slope surface. 
3.Ultra stable output laser machine: It adopts US imported laser source,  can output UV laser with 355nm wavelength stably. Besides, the light spot focuses is small and the processing heat affected zone is very little.    


4.Auto lifting platform: The machine has high precise lifting platform, and preload high precise utility multifunction countertop. In addition, there are many flexible screw holes in platform, it is convenient to install special fixture.

5.Moving convenient: The weight of UV laser marking machine is heavy, so four casters installed to make the machine move easily

6.Good protection: UV laser has radiation, so in the design of appearance, we adopt up and down sliding door to make the processing  closed, and use the high quality and specified filter protective plexiglass to make a special observation window ,which can  create an ultimate protection performance to the machine.         


Applicable Industries

UV Laser Engraver Manufactures 355 Nm is widely used in the  Metal or nonmetal industries, such as plastic, electronic components, communication products, glass, metal, ceramic, wafer, cosmetic and so on.

Sample by UV Laser Engraver Manufactures 355 Nm 

palstic marking.jpgglass cup marking.jpgphone shell marking.jpgcooker panel marking.jpg

Should you're in looking for the UV Laser Engraver Manufactures 355 Nm, welcome to buy the quality 3D vendor with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. We will offer you reasonable price and satisfactory service.

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