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Desktop Fastest Fiber Laser Cutting Marking Machine

Desktop Fastest Fiber Laser Cutting Marking Machine

Desktable Portable CK2D-FB laser marking machine is an advanced system of the third generation of laser marking machine,which adopt international advanced fiber laser, ultra-fast scanning galvanometer.

Product Details

Desktop Fastest Fiber Laser Cutting Marking Machine

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Equipment Description

Desktop Fastest Fiber Laser Cutting Marking Machine is environmental friendly, low consumption, fully automatically and leading laser system. the air cooling can meet the system requirements, this laser system is small and compact size. It is high speed Galvo system to enable stable laser output and high quality laser mode. This model boasts for its fast marking speed, good marking effect and high efficiency to meet the demand of mass production. Furthermore it also enjoys the advantages of easy operation, low running cost, long-term trouble-free working and free from maintenance. All these factors devotes to its capacity to satisfy industrial production.

Product Parameter


Desktable Portable CK2D-FB

Output Power

20W 、30W、50W、100W (Optional)

Pulse Repetition Rate


Beam Quality ㎡


Depth of Engraving

<0.3mm(based on material)

Gross Power


Operating Voltage

AC 220V/110V 50/60HZ 5A

Laser Wavelength


Engraving Range


Cooling System

Air Cooling

2D portable fiber laser marker.jpg

fiber laser machine components.png

Main Feature

1.Perfect design software, easy to learn and operate,Less Mechanical Faliure,maintanence free.

2.Imported isolator for protection of the fiber laser generator to increase the stability and prolong the laser life.

3.High processing speed. Adopting imported galvanometer scanning system, it greatly reduced the time delay and improve the marking speed, compared with first-generation traditional lamp-pumped laser marking, the time can save 3_10 times.

4.Completely air cooled, do not need water chiller, lower power consumption

5.Low product depreciation cost. Ability to meet customers' mass and stable production.

Applicable Industries

Desktop Fastest Fiber Laser Cutting Marking Machine is suitable for a variety of materials, eg: metal, non-metallic materials for processing, It has more advantages to marking especially for a high degree of hardness, high melting point, brittle materials. It's widely used in a wide variety of applications such as in the marking of gold, silver diamond and other jewelries, sanitary tools, food packaging, tobacco packaging, beer and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipments, watches & glassware, automotive parts, plastic & paper material, electronic hardware, gold bullion, and also in other areas such as aviation, aircraft manufacturing, projectile body and explosion proof materials. .

Sample by                           Desktop Fastest Fiber Laser Cutting Marking Machine
                   alumina marking white.jpg                             fruit dish marking.jpg
                        elevator door marking.jpg

marking white on stainless steel.jpg

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