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3D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W

3D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W

CKLASER has cooperated with the top European manufacture engaged in laser research and development to well design and customized products for customers combined with the domestic market demand. With the advances digital scan head and 3D dynamic fousing system, as well as the professional control system of CKLASER, the role of laser has been fully played.

Product Details

3D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W

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170 employees, 30 engineers in R&D, cooperates with 2 universities


Founded for 11 years, exported countries more than 30


50 certificates of patent, 10000+ total capacity

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Equipment Description

3D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W  is non-metallic laser marker that connected with computer device, which applies 10640um laser beam to act on the surface as the predetermined trajectory, through beam expansion, focusing and controlling the deflection of galvanometer finally to gasify the surface and achieve engraving effects.  High quality fiber laser source ensures a long lifetime. It can work on a continuous 24 working hours in high stability, high precision, high speed.3D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W  is the updated version of 2D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W , Using our original 3D software can realize mark on irreguler shape of workpieces, such as curve, cone, cylinder, slope and step surfaces. 

Product Parameter



Average Power


Laser Source

Advanced Imported Laser Source





Pulse Frequency


Marking Range



DELL Computer 19 inch

Operation System

Windows XP

Locate System

Red Light Positioning



Maximum Power


Cooling System

Water cooling

Working Environment


CO2 250W laser marking machine.pngCO2 250W laser marking machine.png

CO2 fast galvo scanning system.png
CO2 fast galvo scanning system.png

CO2 fast galvo scanning system Vendor.png

CO2 250W laser marking machine.JPG

Main Feature


1.Special software:The special engraving software for leather and shoes is easy to operate and easy to learn. With the software integrated data optimization function, it has greatly reduced the time consumption in the processing and improved the efficiency. It also supports PLT,DXF, DWG, BMP,JPG and other popular formats to meet customer's different request.

2.Advanced 3D control technology:By the characteristics of 3D laser marking machine,we can realize molding  marking by one time even the work pieces have height gap .Besides,we can also keep the process consistent in the incline and slope surface.

3.Ergonomic design: The professional engineer designed this machine by according with huaman enginnering.The whole machine adopts focus mode,which can make operators work more comfortable and reduce their fatigued after long term working.

4.Water cooling: Compared with air cooling, it offers contant temperature to improve the stability of laser's output, the water cooling system can bring twice life service as long as water cooling system for machine.

5.Auto focus function: With unique Auto focus sensor system,  it can discriminate the position of  surface of work pieces automatically and focus quickly, which will improve the productivity greatly.

Applicable Industries

It’s suitable for all kinds of nonmetals and some metals, such as paper, leather, PVC, rubber, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, PET, HDPE, leather, etc. And it is widely used in packing boxes, packaging bags, films, food packages, glass bottles, cables, pipes and electronic components industries.

Sample by 3D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W 

wooden relief.jpg

wooden embossing.jpg

rotary wooden comb marking.jpg

leather laser pounching.jpg

Should you're in looking for the 3D Machine Gravure Laser CO2 250W, welcome to buy the quality 3D vendor with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. We will offer you reasonable price and satisfactory service.

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