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30W CO2 Laser Paper Engraving Marking Machine

30W CO2 Laser Paper Engraving Marking Machine

Laser Marking for Wood, Laser Marking for Paper, CO2 Laser Marking manufacturer / supplier in China, offering CO2 Laser Marking/Etching Machine for Wood/Paper, Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Transparent Materials/Metal, High-End Product Laser Cutting Bed for Sofa/Tents/Clothing and so on.

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30W CO2 Laser Engraving Marking Machine

About CKlaser

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30W CO2 Laser Paper Engraving Marking Machine is the evolving process of 2-Axis Marking to 3-Axis Marking---the revolutionary design of CK-LEG3D30W can mark in XYZ Axis and realize the ultra high quality, high precise marking to any shapes and different size of product.

Advanced 3D control technology

1.40mm variable foci

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2.Marking in high and low surface

CO2 Laser Marking Machine Vendor.png

3.Ultra range engraving

CO2 laser large marking range.png

The wide of engraving line is 300mm in 3D style equal to 200mm in traditional 2D style

4.Z Axis focusing compensate

CO2 laser large marking range.pngCO2 Laser Marking Machine Vendor.png

CK-LEG30 series of 3-Axis control can mark clearly in the surface that always has problem by traditional 2D laser marking machine.The clear font can be marked on step surface,slope, cylinder,cone,and so on.3-Axis has solved the problem of font's distortion,missing and fuzzy .

5.The focus compensation of Z Axis

professional laser marking machine Vendor.png

Unique design 

1.size of product

professional laser marking machine Vendor.png

The professional engineer designed this machine by according with huaman enginnering.The whole machine adopts focus mode,which can make operators work more comfortable and reduce their fatigued after long term working

2.water colling laser machine


1.Even temperature,which can improve the stable of laser's output 2.Sealing design, which can keep laser tube,optical and electrical clean. 3.comparing with air cooling,it can increas the service life about twice.

3.Imported opticals

professional laser marking machine Vendor.png

the smaller the reflectivity,the less the laser loss,the bigger  the output power is.

4.ultra precise marking

ultra precise marking.png

under the same power and working range, CK light spot is the most precise

5.three red light location

high precise 3-anxis.png

design preview:the diagram of outer red light and inner red light's positioning and focusing


1.Auto focus function

auto focus function.png

with unique Auto focus sensor system,  it can discriminate the position of  surface of work pieces automatically and focus quickly, which will improve the productivity greatly.

2.mould manufacture

mould manufacture.png

1,The machine body of equipment adopts moulded structure, which is stronger and better sealing.

2,Unique optical shutter switch, which comply with the safety standards of Europe and Ame

manufacuture standard.png

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paper cutting .jpgpaper cutting .jpg

stone engraving.jpg

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Should you're in looking for the 30w co2 laser paper engraving marking machine, welcome to buy the quality 3D vendor with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. We will offer you reasonable price and satisfactory service.
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