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High Performance Wood Laser Engraving Machine100W

High Performance Wood Laser Engraving Machine100W

CKLASER has cooperated with the top European manufacture engaged in laser research and development to well design and customized products for customers combined with the domestic market demand. With the advances digital scan head and 3D dynamic fousing system, as well as the professional control system of CKLASER, the role of laser has been fully played.

Product Details

High Performance Wood Laser Engraving Machine 100W

About CKlaser


170 employees, 30 engineers in R&D, cooperates with 2 universities


Founded for 11 years, exported countries more than 30 


50 certificates of patent, 10000+ total capacity

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Equipment Description

High Performance Wood Laser Engraving Machine 100W is controlled by computer, it's characterized by good beam pattern, stable-performance system and maintenance-free. It has the good reputation in the wood process industries with high-volume, muti-variety, high-speed and high-precision continuous production.

Production Parameter



Laser Power




Average Power


Pulse frequency


Locate system

Red light positioning



Cooling system

Constant temperature cooling unit

Working environment


CO2 250W laser marking machine.png

CO2 250W laser marking machineCO2 250W laser marking machine

Main Feature

1. Apply the advanced diffusivity cooled slab technology and original water-cooled DC power supply.

2. Pulse rising edge/ falling edge <45 microseconds. 

3. With the surepulse function, the peak power can increase by 6 times to ensure that the output energy of every pulse keeps constant.

Sample by                              High Performance Wood Laser Engraving Machine100W

cutting picture on leather.jpg

paper cutting  .jpg

wood marking.jpg

wood marking.jpg

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