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Prevent condensation and LD laser crystal cavity surface

Prohibition of laser systems work in a high humidity environment, customer shall ensure that the relative humidity is less than 60%. Laser Crystal temperature and ambient temperature the temperature difference is too large (greater than 10 degrees), may cause the laser crystal dew, condensation will cause the laser system power loss or damage. So when the ambient temperature is much larger than the set temperature the water tank (greater than 10 degrees or more), non-laser systems ina single State of the water cooler and laser does not work. In this State, proposedthe following the steps:

When powered on, turn on the cold water first until the refrigerator temperature below 30 degrees centigrade, adjusted to the slow start power supply and current10A; refrigerator temperature display temperature (18 degrees Celsius), then slowly adjust the current to current (35A).

At shutdown time, first about currents slow down to 10A and stops the power supply output, power off, and then turn off the water as soon as possible. If not in thecurrent working high cryocooler refrigeration temperature can be adjusted (but may not be higher than 25 ℃) must be used in the environment under laser systemequipment (operating environment should install air conditioning in the South).

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